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Negative messages

The most negative comments I got about this site. An interesting excercise is to work out why did any of these people bother to send the message.

This guy has the distinction thet he is the first person ever to call me 'stupid' or 'fool' directly.

This one is the seocnd, though he uses 'idiot' rather than 'fool'. He is anxious enough that he tries to convince people to eliminate references to my page(Here).

This one does not actually use adjectives.

This one is actually amusing, and also gives a typical example of The Blatant Nonsense effect.

This one just cute.

This one calls me moron.

This one cute too.

This one is bizzarre. She seem to think that I suffer from paranoid-schizophrenia/megalomania, and base this on 'your "academic papers" you submitted to journals and the reviewing process'.

This one not hostile, but very paternalistic.

Why did this guy send his message at all? If you have an idea let me know.


Yehouda Harpaz