This is the mail message the way I got it:

From: Rcarlstedt <>
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998 02:27:29 EST
Subject: Fascinating

I must admit that your site and writings
are fascinating. However I really think
you are delusional in thinking that
your ideas and models revolving around
cognitive theory are an important contribution
to the field and deserve to be disseminated. 
Your disrespect for experts in the field and the protocol
associated with scientific discourse are insulting and will 
severely hinder your ability to ever make a contribution to the
advancement of cognitive psychology, although I admire
that you have the "balls" to reveal what reviewers have to
say about your work to the worldwide web.

As an M.A. holder in psychology and Ph.D.
student I stumbled upon your work by chance
and was attracted by your alluring titles. I thought
I could learn something about Cognitive Psychology.

However after attempting to read your writing and
follow your argumentation it became immediately
clear that that your work should never appear
in a listing of important work in the field. Your musings
are more fitting as a case study of a "delusional researcher"
(I use the word researcher loosely), for a journal dealing
with psychopathological disorders. 

Obviously an electronic forum is ideal for a
pseudo-scientist such as yourself, since you can
write whatever you want and thereby feed your
delusional cravings for attention and notariety

I suggest you stop publishing incoherant ramblings before, 
as a reviewer of some of your work stated..." damage is done to the
author's reputation."

Go back to school and earn a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology
before you continue to make a fool of yourself.

Or, since I suspect, as previusly stated, you suffer from
 "delusions of grandeur", I suggest you obtain therapy to temper 
your self-destructive tendencies.

I was hoping to learn something about Cognitive Psychology
when I called up your titles. Unfortunately I was overwelmed
by your utter lack of presentation skills. Even if there were
something to be said about your theories, one could never
extract what that might be, from your writings, since you have 
not learned the art of scientific writing. And yet, you have
the audacity to criticize others on points of methodology,
logic and other research issues.

You are the idiot, the stupid person, the know it all,
not the fine serious researchers who have devoted
their careers to serious research in cognitive psychology.

Heed their advice before it is too late.

This will be the last communication from me and
I will not read or respond to your reply, nor will I 
ever anything of yours that does not appear
in a peer-review journal.........good luck on that


Roland A. Carlstedt