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Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 19:15:49 EST
Subject: Fwd: Peer Review

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From: Rcarlstedt <>
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Subject: Peer Review
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 18:45:23 EST
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Dear Webmaster,

I like your site very much.

However I think you should implement
a strict peer review procedure to determine
which online articles merit special posting
on your site. For example, Harpaz in Human
Cognition and the Human Brain violates
most rules of scientific publishing, which is exemplified
in the manner by which he flippantly dismisses
and criticizes other models of cognition.

Also, he does not reference his work or the work
he cites, dismissing referencing as irrelevant.

By providing him a forum in the midst of other
leaders in the field of cognitive psychology, he
takes on the appearance of an expert himself,
which I do not perceive him to be. However,
an undergraduate or beginning psychology student
who has not yet developed the ability to critically
discern between opinion and peer-reviewed science
may accept his work at face value.

I assume the language barrier plays a role in
deciding what to place on your web. Also as
I have lived in Germany and Europe for over
15 years I think I can safely say that German academics
seem overly respectful of english language publications,
especially relating to articles which are clouded and
hard to interpret such as Harpaz' s. They seem to
give such person's the benefit of the doubt, just as
Americans bow down in reverance to any European
musician or conductor.

It is time to more closely scrutinize online articles
so as to maintain the scientific integrity of your mission
in providing online resources.

Thank you,

Dipl. Psy Roland A. Carlstedt M.A. (Psy)