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Cognitive science Reading suggestions

Last updated 6Jan2003

Cognitive science Reading suggestions

The text that describes my model does not contain references, because the relevant references are all the data that we have about human behavior and about the human brain. Even if a very restricted definition of the term 'data' is used (e.g only controlled experiments) this is far too much. This leaves two options:

The problem with the first option, (apart from requiring more work and making the text larger), is that it introduce a bias towards consideration of the included references, and ignoring others. This is bad, because I don't think any reference is more important than others. In fact, I believe one of the major failures of many other models is that they concentrate on explaining some data, and ignore the rest. A model of human cognition has to explain (be compatible with) all the data about human cognition.

Instead of listing references, I invite the reader to pick up what he/she thinks the most important data, and see if it is compatible with the model. This relies on the user knowing enough about cognitive psychology, neurobiology and related areas to find the data himself/herself.

For readers that feel less safe in any of these areas, here are my recommendations of the right approach for further reading. These relies on the reader to be ready to put significant amount of effort in the subject.