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Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 14:17:09 +0200
To: Yehouda Harpaz <>
From: Axel Cleeremans <>
Subject: Re: My papaer ms. #39-97: harpaz

Dear Yehouda Harpaz:

I have looked at the letter you sent me concerning the ms. you submitted to EJCP. I will not address the substance of this letter because it does not change my perspective on your submission, that is, that it should be rejected as it stands. I do want to tell you, however, that I find it wholly unacceptable that you insult the reviewers in the way you do. These are expert reviewers and renowned scientists, who read your manuscript carefully. The further fact that your paper has already been rejected by two other journals (as conveniently delineated on your web pages in blunt violation of accepted practice concerning the confidentiality of the reviewing process) should be evidence enough that there are fundamental flaws with your arguments, and that neither the editors nor the reviewers who have already examined your submission are willing to spend more time debating them.

I suggest that you resubmit your manuscript elsewhere, and predict that it will again be rejected if you continue to ignore the comments of the reviewers.


--axel Cleeremans

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